Leaflet Services
Leaflet distribution is the most direct and initiative way to do the promotion.
A promotional plan in different theme for your company according to your needs.
Outdoor promotion with effective brand promotion as well as increase the brand awareness.
Online marketing is an indispensable promotional channels nowadays.
About Us

Flyer King Limited is founded in 2013 until now, have served different enterprises from the domestic and different countries with providing the professional quality market planning company.


Our mission is to assist our client to get a seat via the promotional advertisement in the market. So as to enhance the connection between the customer and target consumer, the tailor made plan should be the priority choice for expand the business and brand building.


Professional teams in Flyer King has well-knowledge in market planning as well as set the market position for all kind of enterprises, for instance private or public organization, government department, retails shop or online shop. In order to have a fresh look of your marketing plan, we will bring-storm the new strategy plan with fulfilling the cost effectiveness.


Apart from advertising, our services include co-ordination of various types of public events, media, public relations, advertising and online publicity programs. In order to solve the customer marketing problems , we will do our best to commit the customer with providing the We do the best to solve customer marketing problems and provide a comprehensive promotional plan.


Flyer King assists you to monitor markets and access information to help you identify the brand with the times, work with you in a magical opportunities.

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