Car show



Car show has been known as a latest outdoor advertising media and better known as a mobile propaganda machine. Car Show can target the customers in different regions, to make a full range of interactive information and product promotion.


  • Direct promotion, the outdoor promoters with the back job of the vehicle body and also the sound effect to attract the people.
  • Innovative promotional practices with new experience to the pedestrian, it could enhance the brand image
  • In order to meet the different needs of its various customers, the car could install a showcase for the purpose of display on the car


During the event, may also be provided

  • Free gift distribution, such as drinks and accessories
  • Questionnaire
  • Professional FACEBOOK LIKE Professional and sharing sessions
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We can also provide:

  • Photography team, to record the activities, equipped with a series of online publicity, post the latest news in different channel
  • Tailor made the style and promotion planning, professional graphic design and follow up the rundown etc., provide one strop service to the customer.
  • More car can be equipped with WIFI function, you can play TV movie, LED SLOGAN etc. to attract passers-by attention.