Leaflet Services
Outdoor distribution

Street flyer distribution is a promotional method that involves directly contacting target customers and delivering messages into their hands. This allows for targeted communication with the primary consumer group and achieves localized customer outreach.


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Direct contact with target customers: Allows you to directly engage with target customers and place promotional messages in their hands. This face-to-face interaction increases customer engagement and provides immediate feedback and responses.


Freedom to choose distribution time and location: You have the flexibility to choose the time and location for flyer distribution to ensure you reach your desired target audience. Selecting high-traffic areas and times enhances the effectiveness of your promotion.


Enhancing promotional effectiveness with accessories: You can use various accessories to enhance the impact of your promotion, such as wearing uniforms, displaying signage, distributing giveaways or brochures, and more. These accessories attract customer attention and increase awareness of your product or brand.

Professional distribution team and supervision: Our distribution team has years of experience and maintains strict standards for employee performance. They wear tidy uniforms, distribute flyers with a smile, and maintain polite conduct. Additionally, we have supervisory teams that regularly monitor employee efficiency and performance to ensure service quality.

Street flyer distribution allows you to quickly obtain real-time feedback from customers regarding your products or services and immediately deliver promotional messages. This approach also increases customer awareness of your products and brand through interaction, ultimately boosting their purchasing power.