Design & Printing


We provide high-quality quality with the speed, as well as the most competitive price.

A wide range of printing material, size, thickness, and post-processing can be used in different types of leaflets, business cards, labels, posters, pamphlets, booklet and so on.

  • With printed message on the promotional products, let its be more realistic to catch the potential client.
  • The content of the flyer could be shared and discussed by the others.


we provide:

  • Spot Color Printing Services
  • CMYK Printing
  • Bronzing / hot silver / SPOT UV processing
  • Folding method, such as half -fold, cross fold, letter fold etc.
  • Limitation
  • Binding Books
  • Coupons with beer sewing processing
  • Business Cards
  • Foam board
  • Easy stand